Inserts Catchy Introduction

Hey guys this is Evelyn! I just created this website and I absolutely love it already. I am currently high school student and soon in a few years I will be heading to college. I really enjoy going to school and let’s just say I’m passing my classes right now. Somethings I like to do is art, music, and reading. I like writing very much but unfortunately, I was not blessed with any talent in literature. You might start to question why I created a blog if I believe that I can not write. Well, the thing is, many things happen in life, and time makes us forget most of them. I wanted to remember as much as I can about my life as possible and be able to reflect upon it. I also hope that everyone of you can relate to what I am writing about and know that there’s someone out there who felt the same way as you did; there will always be someone who can understand you. I will be writing about things happening in my life and thoughts that I push to the back of my mind. Please comment and critique lots 🙂 I really don’t mind criticism. I’m sorry I rushed through this so much! I was trying to finish before my WiFi shuts down. Thanks for reading~ Have a nice day^


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